Helping you and your employees work in a safe environment.
Securing the company's infrastructure.

Type Of Buildings We Protect

  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Residential Estates.
  • Residential Buildings, apartments, flats and private homes.
  • Educational buildings, schools and colleges.
  • Institutional Buildings, government, semi-government organizations or registered trusts for specific purposes. Those specific purposes include medical treatment purposes such as treatment of physical or mental illness, children’s hospitals, old age homes, centres for the care of orphans or abandoned women, auditoriums or complexes meant to be used for cultural or allied activities, religious accommodation facilities such as dharamshalas, jails, correctional facilities, detention centres, juvenile reformatories.
  • Assembly Buildings, gatherings congregated with the intent of amusement, recreation, social, religious, patriotic, civil, travel or other similar purposes. Buildings such as movie houses, drama theatres, drive-in theatres, assembly halls, clubhouses, town halls, auditoriums, exhibition halls, museums, gymnasiums, sports complexes, restaurants, boarding houses, dance clubs, gymkhanas, places of worship, railway stations, airports.
  • Business buildings, offices, banks, courthouses and other professional establishments.
  • Industrial buildings, manufacturing units, assembly plants, factories, mills, power plants, oil refineries, gas plants, dairy plants, laboratories.
  • Storage buildings, commodities, goods, merchandise.
  • Wholesale establishments, warehouses and establishments providing truck transportation services and/or, truck transportation booking services.
  • Hazardous buildings, Buildings used for the manufacture, processing, handling or storage of substances which are radioactive, highly combustible/explosive or capable of burning rapidly with/without the potential to produce poisonous fumes or emissions that are explosive in nature.
  • Buildings used for the manufacture, processing, handling or storage of substances which are highly corrosive, toxic or noxious alkalis, acids or other chemicals producing explosive or poisonous fumes, explosive mixtures or substances capable of disintegrating matter into fine particles causing spontaneous ignition.
  • Multi Storey High Rise Buildings.
  • Unsafe buildings, buildings that are structurally weak and thus unsafe, unsanitary or contaminated, do not have proper entry and/or exit facilities, prone to fire hazards, poses dangers to human life or according to its existing use, may pose a danger to safety, health or public welfare are deemed to be unsafe.
  • Multi-level Car Parking.
  • Mercantile Buildings housing shops, stores or showrooms where display and sale of wholesale goods, retail goods or merchandise.
  • Sports Grounds, Equestrian events.
  • Bars, Special Buildings, assembly buildings, industrial buildings, wholesale establishments, hazardous buildings, hotels, hostels and buildings with central air conditioning which are more than 15 meters in height and have a built-up area of more than 600 square meters.