Helping you and your employees work in a safe environment.
Securing the company's infrastructure.

The Purpose of Guarding Officers

Various types of Guards are available:
Residential, Stationary, Patrol Guards, Personal Body Guards, VIP Security Guards, Proprietary Guards, Uniformed Guards, Armed Guards, Unarmed Guards, Event Security Guards, etc.

  • To detect and prevent offences against the company. 
  • To detect and prevent fires. 
  • To detect and prevent any other damage to company property and waste of quality resources. 
  • To ensure that the company rules are observed and followed. 
  • To assist in preventing accidents. 
  • To inspect locks on gates, stores offices and selvage yards. 
  • Note any defects in roofs, walls, external wall, external fences, windows, doors, fire escapes, stairs, lights, electric fences, alarms, panic buttons, incorrect stock pick up or delivery, burst water pipes, fallen over obstacles, damaged goods or products caused by malicious damage or weather or an accident, what accident occurred?  
  • To deter theft of employee vehicles in the car parking and accidents. 
  • To deter break-in and theft.  
  • To deter armed robbery.
  • Information on site. 
  • WhatsApp communication with the guards 24/7 pictures, videos, updates.  
  • Observation of keys, vehicles, logs, invoices, packages, high value machinery or equipment. Observation of valued products and service providing goods. 
  • To assist in identifying any hazard which might cause or produce an accident. 
  • Seek and assist with unauthorized persons and personnel on premises. 
  • Patrol through various routes, offices, storage spaces, empty spaces, staircases, passages, corridors to ensure safety and no threats are on the premises, this also helps to ensure staff follow implemented procedures when necessary. 
  • Monitor closed circuit television. 
  • Securing the premises. 
  • Access control. 
  • Securing personnel. 
  • Reporting and Observation. 
  • Incident handling and assisting the clients with incidents. Quality communication.