Helping you and your employees work in a safe environment.
Securing the company's infrastructure.

Services We Offer

  • Security Guard Management
  • Management Security Checks.
  • Site Inspections.
  • Site Management. 
  • Safety Evaulations.
  • De-escalation of various violent incidents.
  • Incident Reports Daily, Weekly, Monthly. 
  • Teach and operate specific protocols and procedures on site as per client request.
  • Liaise with client continuously to enhance custom operational procedures.
  • Managing deliveries. 
  • Admissions of patients or customers. Escorting clients or patients to the designated areas. 
  • Assist clients or patients with certain documentation for admissions or sign up at a specific venue. 
  • Managing invoices and urgent paperwork. 
  • Informing selected management on specific arrivals of certain clients or patients.
  • Assisting with verification procedures and protocols. 
  • Assisting with correct dispatch and receiving products. 
  • Managing products received by dispatch assuring received goods correspond with invoices or delivery notes. 
  • Managing products dispatched assuring correct, quantity of products and labelling before dispatch. 
  • Access control.
  • Reporting and Observation.
  • Incident Handling and assisting clients with incidents.
  • Quality Communication.
  • Traffic Management.
  • Crowd Management.
  • Looking out for suspicious objects.Taking note of people with strange or odd behaviour.
Helping with accident and emergency helicopter landing.